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Monday, March 12, 2012

Time Machine PV Teaser by Girls Generation

3:25 AM

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Girls Generation has just released their new PV. It’s time Machine PV teaser, This is the track from the ladies’ ‘Re:package’ album of ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION‘, which was released in December. As reported earlier on tokyohive, this song is the background track for hard candy brand e-ma’s latest CM. The PV will also reportedly feature Japanese comedian Imada Kouji.

“Time Machine” was first released in Girls’ Generation’s repackage of their first Japanese album earlier this year. Check out the teaser below.

As Usual all of them looks so beautiful and stunning. here watch the latest Girls generation Time Machine Teaser Video.

Story Line of Time Machine PV by Girls Generation

the story began at Jestina’s fansign last night. Sunny was mad at Sooyoung for her teeth, so she hired Hyoyeon to kill Sooyoung when she leaves the house to collect her pizza. Hyoyeon leans against the wall waiting, but Sooyoung doesn’t come out, so Hyoyeon impatiently looks at her watch. As it turned out, Yoona ate all the pizzas, so the pizza ahjussi is crying because he can’t deliver anything to his bias. Sunny is mad, so she dances a Michael Jackson dance to summon rain to punish Yoona while she’s strolling down the street to digest the food. Meanwhile, Jessica thought Yuri drew the arrow pointing babo at her, so she threatened to break-up. Yuri tried to explain but Jessica wouldn’t listen. Now, Jessica sits in the car as the rain continues pouring on Yoona, tracing “4 days” on the window because that’s how long she has been losing sleep. Yuri stares at her phone in depression because Jessica never called back. Meanwhile Seohyun stares at a YulSic photo wondering how to explain that she’s the one who drew that arrow. All this time TaeNy are at the church staring at the clock as it approaches 3:09pm when the wedding will be held, wondering when the others will resolve their problems to come attend the wedding.

Via : http://www.twitlonger.com/show/gcnevb

The Full MV was said will be launched this weeks so if you’re looking for a full story of Time Machine from girls generation then you should watch it next week.


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